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    Panda cubs are tiny and fragile. They are born pink, blind and weighting just 100g, only 1/900 of their mother’s weight. But within a few short years, pandas tip the scales by growing from tiny to massive. A full grown panda can weigh up to 150kg! This Panda Life Cycle captures the essence of our belief to nurture “little cubs” into “giant pandas”.

    Our Vision


    Our vision at Little Professor is to nurture the best in every child at every stage of the learning journey, whatever the starting point; nurturing their love for learning and building a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

    Do you know that Pandas have six fingers on each paw? The “sixth finger” is an opposable thumb that gives pandas a stronger grip on bamboo and trees. Little Professor’s unique teaching methodologies give children the “sixth finger” for a stronger yet easier grip!



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    • Thank you Little Professor for giving a very good mandarin lesson to my child who has improved tremendously. Now she is very good in reading, speaking and even writing In mandarin words. I am very proud of her mandarin and she also got the best reader in Chinese award from her own kindergarten.

      Susan Choong Soo San
    • My sincere gratitude to Little Professor for helping my 2 banana boys build their Chinese foundation. From a totally “English” boy who wanted to colour his hair yellow to someone who is able to excel in his Mandarin is something beyond my expectations.

      Shirley Moy – Mother of Joel & Jared
    • Who would have thought learning Chinese would be fun? My daughter enjoys the syllabus here and surprisingly she looks forward to the class everytime.

      Jaclyn Ho
    • 我一路来对我 little banana 的女儿没什么希望 ,但是她的华文真的进步了很多!! 你们的方法还蛮有效果。

      Jennie Ng
    • Daughter attended the class and enjoy it very much… from zero Chinese knowledge to now able to speak fluently and read well… thanks to their dedicated and fun teacher.

      Yap Yann Fang
    • The proudest moment with “Little Professor”.
      I am so happy to see my 2 sons’ improvement in building their Chinese foundation with Little Professor. They always looking forward to attend class.

      Parent of Keith and Ian
    • Learning chinese can be fun and easy. I am proud to see him enjoy Chinese Language.

      John Ho
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